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Nigerian Ambassador Denies Authorship of Controversial Social Media Comments



Ambassador John Usanga, the Nigerian Ambassador to Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde, has categorically denied the remarks attributed to him in the media concerning the 2023 presidential election, labeling them as false information.

In a personally endorsed statement issued on Friday, Ambassador Usanga clarified that these statements had been falsely attributed to him by an entity identified as the Board of Trustees of the National Executive Committee Members of the Rivers State, alongside the Rivers State Working Committee of the People’s Democratic Coalition.

The purported statement by Ambassador Usanga had purportedly declared, “The cancellation of the 2023 presidential election due to Bola Tinubu’s attainment of less than 25 percent of the total votes serves as a call for increased alertness and an opportunity for us to present the unadulterated facts before they become misconstrued.”

However, Ambassador Usanga, through his statement, firmly denies making such remarks and emphasizes the importance of preserving the factual accuracy of information before it is distorted.

He said the comments were credited to him on social and traditional media, dismissing them as fabricated lies against him while calling on security agencies to go after the perpetrators.

He refuted that the only statement he issued about the presidential election was a congratulatory message to President Bola Tinubu for winning the election which could be found in the public domain.

“I, John James Usanga, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the Republic of Guinea Bissau with concurrent accreditation to the Republic of Cape Verde;

“Unequivocally and totally deny, refute, disown, and controvert the statement ascribed to me on the said YouTube and other news channels.

“I have never at any point in time had a discussion much less grant an interview to any person, news media or group of persons regarding the outcome of the 2023 presidential elections,’’ he said.

The envoy urged the general public to disregard the fake news as broadcast by YouTube channel and other news channels for what it was, “fake and totally false.’’

Usanga said, “I call upon the relevant security agencies to deploy all resources at their disposal to fish out the purveyors of this fake news.’’

He disclosed that he was also taking the necessary steps with his lawyers to address an alleged defamation of his character.