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Nigerian doctors raise alarm over high costs of drugs in the country  




The National Association of Public Health Physicians of Nigeria (NAPHPN) has raised alarm over the soaring costs of drugs in the country, warning that it could exacerbate the healthcare challenges facing Nigerians. 

During the 40th Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference held in Akure, the Ondo State capital, the association’s President, Prof. Alphonso Isara, highlighted the significant burden imposed by exorbitant drug prices, particularly on individuals already grappling with health ailments. 

Prof. Isara emphasized the multifaceted challenges plaguing the nation’s healthcare sector amidst prevailing socio-economic crises.  

Moreover, Prof. Isara expressed NAPHPN’s willingness to collaborate with the Federal Ministry of Health and other relevant agencies to support initiatives aimed at revitalizing the healthcare sector, such as the “Nigeria Health Sector Renewal Investment Programme” of the current government. 

Amidst plenary sessions and scientific paper presentations, NAPHPN members engaged in discussions to identify solutions to the prevailing challenges in Nigeria’s healthcare delivery system.  

Prof. Isara emphasized the importance of repositioning public health services for enhanced effectiveness and efficiency, acknowledging the association’s pivotal role in shaping the healthcare landscape over the past five decades.