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Nigerian tech workers are in high demand in Canada



A recent report from two prominent tech organizations, The Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) and Canada’s Tech Network (CTN), has put the spotlight on Nigeria as the second-largest source of tech talent professionals migrating to Canada.

According to the findings in the report, which were obtained by ThePressNG, Canada continues to experience a robust influx of tech talent from around the world, with notable contributions from countries like India, Nigeria, and Brazil. This influx of talent is significantly boosting Canada’s tech industry.

This surge in tech talent migration is evident in the substantial increase in the number of tech professionals who have chosen to work in Canada between April 2022 and March 2023.

The report underscores that over 32,000 tech industry workers from across the globe have made the move to Canada in pursuit of career opportunities. One contributing factor to this trend is the growing investments from U.S.-based tech companies in Canada, further cementing Canada’s position as a thriving hub for tech innovation and talent.

Understanding the report from TECNA and CTN 

Based on this report, Canada has successfully attracted a significant influx of tech workers, largely due to its immigration-friendly policies and favourable labour costs. 

To understand the impact of globalization on the movement of tech professionals in North America, TECNA and CTN point out that the surge in remote work, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has led to tech talents frequently opting for non-traditional tech hubs. This shift is partially attributed to the pandemic. 

Investments in this sector have somewhat increased due to proximity and attractive compensation differences. 

In 2022, Canada hosted a staggering 400,000 software developers, and the growth of the tech workforce extended beyond major Canadian cities.

Smaller provinces like Saskatchewan Newfoundland and Labrador witnessed an impressive annual growth rate of 16.3% in their tech workforce. 

Interestingly, even smaller rural Canadian cities, such as Windsor, Ontario, have seen a significant 28% surge in their tech workforce over the past year.

This trend aligns with the broader shift towards rural locations, propelled in part by the rise of remote work across North America. 

The joint report by TECNA and CTN highlights the most in-demand tech skills in Canada, including Customer Experience, Microsoft Azure, Analytical Skills, Amazon Web Services, React.js, Jira, Data Science, GitHub, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Relationship Management.