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Nigerians lash popular fitness company over alleged extortion 



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A popular Nigerian fitness company, iFitness, has come under fire from Nigerians over alleged extortion. The allegations surfaced following a recent viral post by Nollywood actor Akah Nnani, who lamented iFitness gym for allegedly exploiting its customers. 

In the viral video posted on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, Nnani revealed that the gym imposed a yearly membership fee on its members, which he was not interested in joining, considering he already paid a monthly fee of N17,000, which had now increased to N24,000. 

The “Man of God” actor claimed that the company proceeded to deduct the money from his card without his permission and consent, emphasizing that having access to the card doesn’t grant them the right to withdraw fees without proper authorization. 

Captioning the video, he urged iFitness to “do better” and cease extorting money from people, emphasizing that card access doesn’t imply the right to withdraw funds without permission.

Nnani mentioned reaching out to the Gbagada branch without receiving a response and expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s treatment of staff and alleged extortion of gym instructors. 

The actor concluded by demanding a refund of N17,500 from iFitness. The claims made by the “Man of God” actor have triggered widespread online reactions about the company. 

Oiza Meyi 

@IFitnessng please return my money . This is the second time you people have done this to me . I asked for my card to be taken off your system . I even went to the gym in Abuja and the lady at the desk told me they had cancelled my subscription since 2023and I shouldn’t b debited.


Ifitness took 53k from my account yesterday for no reason, They’ve taken out N123k from my account this month alone. Next step is to block my card because wt*?!! 


3 out of 5 gyms in Lagos is iFitness and as a member, you can use any of their branches. They are dragging them for deducting money anyhow and some of you are asking “Why do you use ifitness” 


My own issue with iFitness is the gyms are too crowded. For an establishment that collects ‘membership fees’ there should be a limit on the number of people registered at the gym


That’s how this same ifitness in Ibadan took a monthly sub that i did not intend to pay or use from my account and they told me they don’t refund!

Fabian George 

I use Ifitness. I personally have some reservations about them but it is not as bad as he portrayed in the video. When I got the debit of the membership stuff, I was angry and sent them a mail, I definitely got clarification. Everyone is just trying to survive in these trying times including businesses.