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NSE unveils SMART innovation hub to drive research commercialization



Nigeria’s Society of Engineers has recently revealed its Smart Innovation Hub, designed to encourage productivity, facilitate networking, and support the commercialization of research endeavors undertaken by both members and stakeholders.

During the event held in Abuja on Wednesday, Tasiu Gidari-Wudil, the President of NSE, shared that the idea for this innovation hub was born in 2016. Its primary objective was to empower Nigerian engineers in alignment with the country’s aspirations.

In his opinion, the innovation hub is the hub for idea generation, development, and the subsequent journey to commercialization. He emphasizes that a significant portion of university research remains untapped in terms of commercial potential.

Meanwhile, He pointed out that the lack of office space was making it challenging for members to establish offices. Yet he insisted that young engineers can take advantage of the hub through the use of virtual offices the Institute has set up.

Furthermore, Gidari-Wudil emphasized that the virtual aspect of the setup offered the possibility of accommodating up to one million offices, enabling each member to have their workspace.

He said that it was a very good place for business because all security measures would be put in place to ensure that no one is defrauded.

When discussing the NSE’s role in shaping the agenda for the Bola Tinubu administration, the NSE boss expressed satisfaction that the President had introduced specific priorities, including digital skills and technical vocational education.

He said,