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‘Ododo is Bello’s third term agenda’ – Kogi ADC candidate



Leke Abejide, who is running as the African Democratic Congress (ADC) candidate in the upcoming Kogi governorship election on November 11, has made a serious accusation against Governor Yahaya Bello. During a speech in Kwara on Tuesday, Abejide claimed that Governor Bello is secretly working on a plan to extend his rule beyond the two-term limit.

Abejide went on to suggest that Governor Bello is using Usman Ododo, the APC governorship candidate in Kogi, as a pawn in this alleged scheme. According to Abejide, Governor Bello has arranged a deal with Ododo, in which Ododo would share a portion of the state’s allocation with Bello after his tenure ends.

Addressing the gathered crowd, Abejide urged them to reject Ododo, whom he referred to as “Bello’s third term agenda.” He emphasized that his candidacy is not driven by any ethnic bias and assured the people that his victory would promote unity and foster better development in the state.

He said Ododo supervised the screening of local government and state workers as auditor general and has been using the outcome of the screening to allegedly embezzle money for the governor.

He, however, stressed that he would repay the state in a better way if he was elected.

“I will never be ungrateful to you Kogites. You have suffered so much, and you have endured so much for 8 years. I intend to wipe your tears away,” he said.

“I urge you to reject Ododo. Let this election be a movement. Let it go one way. Use your PVC, and use me as a point of contact to drive them away.

“I want to restructure Kogi. The November 11 election is not about party, but who can fix the state; and I will fix Kogi”

The ADC candidate also said he would not wait for the federal government before he fixed the federal roads in the state.

“I will open the roads 18 meters wide. If the FG like let them reimburse the state or not. My joy will be that my people have good roads to ply,” he said.

Abejide also urged the people to judge him by his unprecedented achievement as a federal lawmaker of Yagba constituency, stating he planned to repeat such performance at the state level.