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Okada transportation fares in Nigeria see 2.15% YoY decline in January 2024 – NBS 



Okada 1

In January 2024, the average fare for a trip on a commercial motorcycle, widely referred to as Okada, was N456.22, marking a decrease of 2.15% from the N466.25 fare observed in January 2023.  

This information was revealed in the Transport Fare Watch report for January 2024, published by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).  

Additionally, the report highlighted a significant 8.69% increase in the average fare for Okada rides in January 2024, compared to the N419.73 fare in December 2023.  

A state-by-state analysis showed that Lagos State reported the highest fare for motorcycle transportation at N840.00 in January 2024, followed by Ondo at N750.00.

The lowest fare was noted in Anambra at N230.00, with Bayelsa closely behind at N250.00. 

Also, commuters on a motorcycle (Okada) paid the highest fare in the South-West with N527.50 and North-East with N491.67, while the North-West recorded the least with N392.14.