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Ondo govt. seeks NDPC partnership to create data protection jobs in state



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The Ondo State Government has sought the partnership of the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) to create data protection jobs for the youths of the state. 

According to a statement released on Saturday by the Head of Media at the NDPC, Itunu Dosekun, the Ondo state Deputy Governor, Olayide Adelami, visited the Commission’s headquarters in Abuja on Friday to seek the partnership. 

Specifically, the State is hoping to fill in the existing gaps in data protection professionals in the country. The NDPC had earlier lamented about the dearth of data protection officers in Nigeria, stressing that only 10,000 out of 500,000 available positions are currently filled. 

While noting that the purpose of his visit was to explore possible areas of collaboration between NDPC and the state in a way that fosters development for the people of the State, Dr Olayide said: 

Meanwhile, the National Commissioner/CEO of NDPC, Dr Vincent Olatunji, expressed the Commission’s readiness to work with the Ondo state government to promote a culture of Data Protection that would also help create employment opportunities for young people in the state. 

Olatunji commended the Deputy Governor’s understanding of the importance of data protection. According to him, unauthorized access to data will lead to breaches, and breaches will lead to lots of implications, such as reputational damage, financial loss, and in extreme cases, death.  

He acknowledged the Ondo state government’s commitment to addressing this issue and its potential to enhance trust and confidence in governance. Dr Olatunji warmly accepted the proposed collaboration, expressing the Commission’s eagerness to work with the Ondo state government to promote a culture of Data Protection, enhance capacity, and create employment opportunities within the state. 

The collaborative effort between NDPC and the Ondo state government is seen as a significant step towards harnessing data protection for youth development and governance enhancement, ultimately contributing to the progress and prosperity of Ondo state and Nigeria as a whole.