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OPEC says fossil fuels continue to make up 80% of global energy mix 



The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has released a statement saying that fossil fuels continue to make up 80% of the global energy mix.

In its September 14 statement, OPEC called out the assertion by the International Energy Agency (IEA) that fossil fuel demand would peak before 2030, stating that the assertion was not made on data-based forecasts.  

OPEC noted that it is an extremely risky and impractical narrative to dismiss fossil fuels or to suggest that they are at the beginning of their end.  

OPEC wrote: 

The OPEC statement also referenced its Secretary General, Haitham al Ghais who has said that such narratives only set the global energy system up to fail spectacularly, leading to energy chaos on a potentially unprecedented scale, with dire consequences for economies and billions of people across the world.  

The OPEC statement noted further that several member countries are investing heavily in clean energy projects. It wrote: 

According to OPEC, energy issues have climbed back to the top of the agenda in recent years for populations as many have seen how experimental net zero policies and targets impact their lives. These countries have legitimate concerns: 

OPEC wrote: