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Oronsaye Report: 10 steps government must take before implementation – Joe Abah  



Oronsaye Report

Joe Abah, a former director-general of Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR), has provided ten robust guidelines for the practical and comprehensive application of the Oronsaye report. 

The 2012 report, known as the Stephen Oronsaye report, details the overhaul of the federal government’s ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs). 

The report was published during the administration of former president Goodluck Jonathan, and the white paper was submitted to president Buhari by a committee in 2022.  

Meanwhile on February 26, the Bola Tinubu administration announced it would enact “aspects” of the report, with the intention to lower the cost of governance. 

In a report published by Agora Policy, Abah pointed out the difficulty in establishing a direct evaluation method of the report, noting that many agencies were yet to be formed in 2012 when it was first published.  

He, however, offered ten different recommendations to the government on how it can seamlessly and practically enact the policy of the report, thus reducing the cost of government.  

Below are the recommendations according to Joe Abah:  

For a long period of time, there have been a sustained campaign for cutting the cost of governance as a mechanism for economic development and nation building.