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Parthian Partners Maintains Financial Commitment, Strengthens Investment Confidence with Third Bond Coupon Payment .



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Amidst the dynamic economic landscape of the past half year, Parthian Partners Limited has successfully completed the third consecutive coupon payment on its ₦10 billion bond. This unwavering commitment to fulfilling its financial obligations underscores the firm’s deep-rooted values of reliability and excellence.

“Navigating rising inflation and economic pressures requires agility and dedication,” remarked Olayinka Arewa, Chief Financial Officer at Parthian Partners. “Throughout these headwinds, we remained true to our promise, ensuring timely and consistent coupon payments to our investors.”

According to Arewa, “This accomplishment wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of our stakeholders. Our robust financial health, as evidenced by strong ratings from Agusto & Co and DataPro, speaks volumes about our commitment to building sustainable value. We boast robust capitalization, improving profitability, and a secure funding profile – a testament to the trust we have earned from both clients and partners.”

In August 2022, Parthian Partners made history with the first-ever short-term bond issued by an Inter-Dealer Broker in Nigeria. The ₦10 billion bond, boasting a 13.50% coupon rate, attracted full subscription from institutional investors, in attestation to the firm’s position as a market leader.

As Nigeria’s pioneering interdealer broker, Parthian Partners plays a critical role in the nation’s financial ecosystem by seamlessly connecting market dealers and investors, including pension funds, fund managers, banks, and international institutions. The firm has facilitated over ₦5 trillion in FGN bonds and treasury bill trades, exceeding $1.2 billion in Eurobond transactions.

This timely bond payment is not just a milestone, but a powerful symbol of Parthian Partner’s dedication to fueling Nigeria’s economic growth. “We remain committed to exceeding expectations, unlocking new opportunities, and forging a brighter financial future for all stakeholders,” said Mr Arewa.