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PDP Youth Leader Says Nigeria Will Not Collapse If Tribunal Overturns Tinubu’s Victory



Muhammed Kadade, the national youth leader of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has expressed that the nullification of President Bola Tinubu’s victory by the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal would not bring about any catastrophic consequences, as he shared in a video message across his social media platforms last Friday.

Kadade emphasized that the tribunal’s decision would significantly impact the nation’s destiny. While addressing the prevailing economic challenges in the country, the youth leader criticized Mr. Tinubu, portraying him as inexperienced in the realms of leadership and governance.

He passionately stated, “In the midst of our current societal and economic decline, it is imperative that we rise to safeguard the noble legacy and reputation laid down by our founding predecessors.”

“In February this year, millions of Nigerians came out in enmasse to vote, but we all witnessed how our mandate was robbed.

“Apparently, those imposed on us have proven to be novice in governance, hence the removal of fuel subsidy, without a blueprint, which has resulted in hardship and suffering across the nation.

“The presidential election petition tribunal has concluded its hearing, and justice remains the fulcrum of which human civilization revolves.

“Justice grants legitimacy to leadership and governance. Without justice, public affairs shall rot in crime. Our justice system remains the point of last hope, after which the fate of our great nation shall either be good or in vain.

“As the nation awaits its fate and legitimacy pronouncement, let us all be in the hope that the fate of our great nation is not doomed. Heaven will not fall if the election is nullified. Therefore, we call on the Tribunal to grant the ultimate justice by declaring the presidential candidate of our great party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, as the legitimate winner of the 2023 presidential election”.