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Peter Obi’s desperation to be president too much – Reno Omoki



Reno Omokri

A former Presidential spokesman, Reno Omokri has attacked former Governor of Anambra, Peter Obi for jockeying about in his quest to be president of Nigeria by all means.

Omokri, in a tweet on X said from jumping from church to church and attending even naming ceremonies, Obi started jumping to Abidjan to play politics with football.

Omokri said: “I’m even surprised he did not turn up uninvited at the Grammys. The desperation is too much. Good things will happen in Nigeria. He will ignore them.

“Bad things occur, and he will blow it out of proportion. Someone who has not given an account of the money Nigerians donated to him for the #NigerianElections2023 is talking about transparency.

“Before donations, he was flying commercial. After donations, he began flying private jet. Am I lying?”