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Presidency defends Tinubu’s fall during Democracy Day parade



Following the slip by President Bola Tinubu during the Democracy Day parade at Eagle Square in Abuja, the Special Adviser on Information and Strategy to the President has come out in defense of the incident, emphasizing Tinubu’s humanity.

Tinubu momentarily lost his footing while climbing onto the parade vehicle, prompting a flurry of reactions, particularly on social media.

However, the presidential aide, Onanuga, rebuffed the criticisms, asserting that Tinubu is not a “superman” but rather, a human being prone to such mishaps.

“President Tinubu is not a Superman. He is human like all of us. President Biden has had several slips in the last three years. Even the younger Barack Obama slipped while President,” Onanuga stated on his X handle.

Echoing similar sentiments, the Special Assistant to the President on Social Media, Olusegun Dada, emphasized that Tinubu’s slip was a minor incident and shouldn’t overshadow the significance of the Democracy Day celebrations.

“Mr President missed his step while climbing into the truck at the June 12 Democracy Day celebration and tripped. It was a mild misstep. He immediately went on with the ceremonial rounds. No issues,” Dada reassured on his X handle.

The presidency’s response aimed to downplay the incident, emphasizing the humanity of political leaders and urging the public to focus on the essence of the Democracy Day commemoration.