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President Tinubu dismisses N3.7 trillion budget padding claim, says Senate integrity remains intact




President Bola Tinubu has dismissed claims that the Senate added more than N3.7 trillion to the 2024 budget, asserting that the legislative body’s reputation remains unblemished.

Speaking from the State House in Abuja on Thursday, the President stated that the individuals making these accusations lack understanding of the arithmetic involved in the 2024 budget.

He lauded the Senate for expediting the budget, and he commended the lawmakers for their work up to this point.

Furthermore, the president noted that the country’s revenue generation has increased under his leadership.

He mentioned that the nation is nearing a turning point in its economic struggles, highlighting that revenue has increased.

He emphasized the importance of expenditure control and better management.

Senator Abdul Ningi from Bauchi Central ignited controversy among federal legislators with claims of budget padding, accusing some members of acquiring disproportionate funds for constituency projects.