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Professor Osunbor officially declares for Edo governorship race



The former Governor of Edo State, Senator Oserheimen Osunbor, has officially announced his candidacy for the upcoming Edo gubernatorial race. He shared this news with his constituents over the weekend in his hometown of Iruekpen in Edo Central.

As a Professor of Law and a two-term Senator, Osunbor explained that he had received consultations from both the Edo North and South Senatorial districts. However, he believed that it was essential to begin his campaign within his immediate constituency.

During the gathering, he stated, “I am here today to formally declare my intention to run in the upcoming gubernatorial election. I humbly request your unwavering support as we embark on this mission together.”

He urged them to let bygones be bygones even as he promised to represent them well once he is able to get his party’s ticket.

It is the turn of Edo Central to present the next governor of our beloved state.

The current Governor is from Edo South, Edo North presented the Minister which now leaves Edo Central to produce the next governor.

” I have consulted widely and everyone seems to be in sync that it is the turn of Edo Central.

” I’m aware of the pains of my people in Edo state especially of the Esans.
I’m not vying because of my self interest but for the interest of the people.

” If given the opportunity, I can assure you that I will deliver on my promises.

“I have intimidating qualifications and have gotten the assurances of even those outside my party that they will work assiduously with me once I secure my party nomination.