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Reps Urge FG to Release Nnamdi Kanu to End Insecurity in Southeast



The House of Representatives has recommended to the Federal Government that releasing the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, could serve as a solution to promote peace within the South East geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

Rep. Obinna Aguocha, the Chairman of the House Adhoc committee, made this assertion during the recent session of the committee, which was established to engage with pertinent security agencies in order to mitigate cases of kidnapping, assassinations, and banditry in and around Isiukwuato and Umunnochi Local Government Area of Abia State.

He emphasized, “In our pursuit of strategies to address the intricate security challenges, we must also be poised to confront the fundamental origins of these matters and strive for enduring remedies that can withstand the trials of time.

To attain comprehensive serenity, curtail criminal activities, foster substantial infrastructural advancement, discontinue unproductive stay-at-home actions, and enhance economic progress and prospects in the Southeast, it is imperative for the government to uphold the principles of justice, adherence to the rule of law, and equitable integration of the Southeast region in the Nigerian enterprise.

A significant step in achieving enduring tranquility and stability across the entire region lies in the unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from his unjust confinement.”

Recall that the House before going on its annual recess had pledged to wade into the matter following a similar demand through a motion, but yet to take any action to that effect.

Rep. Aguocha further stated, “the challenges we face are not mere statistics or headlines; they are real-life manifestations that affect the lives of our people, disrupt the functioning of our institutions and communities, thus impeding the growth of our region”.

According to the lawmaker, instances of criminal activities, banditry, kidnapping, assassinations, communal and religious clashes, and threats to life have shaken the very foundation of our societies.

“As leaders and stakeholders, it is incumbent upon us to come together, transcending our differences, to find sustainable solutions that will quell these threats and pave the way for a brighter future.

“We recognize that insecurity cannot be combated by one entity alone; it does require a collective, multi-faceted approach that encompasses various perspectives and expertise of law enforcement agencies, community leaders, policymakers, scholars, and citizens”, he added.

According to him, the ongoing engagement will provide the opportunity to harness the diverse perspectives and channel them into coherent, actionable strategies for peace.

“The cross-border dynamics of the primary focus areas bring additional complexity to the challenges of the task ahead. The common borders, shared with four other states connect the primary focus areas to Ebonyi State via Isiagu, Enugu State via Agwu, Imo state via Okigwe and Anambra via Awka.

“The opportunity for interstate collaboration presents itself and must be explored to foster regional participation. The challenges faced by one state ripple across its neighbors, and therefore, our strategies for resolution must be all inclusive. By synergizing our resources, expertise, and perspectives, we can create a stronger front against insecurity and strengthen the bonds that bind us together.

“This committee wishes to applaud the efforts of state governments in the Southeast region as well as the Federal government for its demonstrable commitment to peace and security in the Southeast”, he stated.

Rep. Amobi Ogah, sponsor of the motion that led to the set up of this Adhoc Committee accused the police of using multiple checkpoints in the troubled areas to extort money from innocent citizens, instead of combing the bushes to flush out the criminals as demanded by the House through its resolution.

He said of all the prayers, including setting up of a joint security task force to comb the bushes, nothing has been done, but rather the mounting of multiple checkpoints, which he described as “embarrassing”, while kidnapping is yet on the increase.

“I want this to be on record that the police are doing nothing, but collecting money”, he said.

To save the situation, Chairman of the committee called for a closed door session, for the Commissioner of Police, Abia State Command, Mr. Kenechukwu Onwumelie to brief the panel.