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Rotary International allocates $2 Million to Nigeria to combat child, maternal mortality



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Rotary International has allocated two million dollars for dedicated projects over a three-year period in a bid to tackle the pressing issue of child and maternal mortality in Nigeria.

The President of Rotary International, Mr. Gordon McInally, made this announcement during a community health engagement event held at LEA Primary School, Kuchingoro, Abuja, on Saturday.

Mr. McInally emphasized the importance of this funding, which includes approximately one million dollars already committed, in raising awareness and addressing maternal and neonatal mortality rates.

In a proactive approach, Rotary ensures that clinics have the necessary equipment and facilities to support maternal and child health programs.

Additionally, traditional birth attendants are encouraged to register pregnant women in healthcare facilities, emphasizing the importance of safe deliveries under medical supervision.

Earlier, at the Primary Healthcare Clinic in Area 2, Abuja, Rotary International facilitated polio vaccinations for approximately ten children between the ages of zero and two years old, further underscoring their commitment to improving healthcare outcomes in Nigeria.

With Rotary’s longstanding support for various projects in Nigeria, this new initiative, slated to run from 2023 to 2025, signals a continued effort towards combating child and maternal mortality and improving overall health outcomes in the country.

Maternal mortality, a critical indicator of women’s overall health and well-being, remains a significant concern, with countless lives at stake during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum periods.