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Rwanda’s Paul Kagame to run for 4th term as President



President Paul Kagame of Rwanda will run for a fourth term during the East African country’s elections in 2024.

According to reports by Bloomberg, Kagame believes he has the full support of Rwandans in the build-up to their elections.

Paul Kagame has been the President of Rwanda since 22 April 2000, which makes him the 5th longest serving African President.

Kagame has led Rwanda since his rebel army took over the country following the 1994 genocide, in which about 800,000 people were killed. He first took office in 2000 and has since won three elections.

Speaking to the media on the support he has from his citizens, Kagame said:

President Paul Kagame as well as his Cameroonian counterpart recently reshuffled their respective heads of military agencies in response to the coup in Gabon.

In a press release via X app (Twitter), the Rwanda Defense Force disclosed that Paul Kagame had approved the retirement of 83 senior officers and other military personnel.

In 2015, Kagame amended Rwanda’s constitution which could see him rule up until 2034.

Paul Kagame also dismissed reactions from Western nations criticizing his decision to run for 4th term, saying: