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Saudi Wealth Fund explores financing options for trillion dollar 2030 program 



Saudi wealth fund

Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, the Public Investment Fund (PIF), is contemplating a series of financial manoeuvres to bolster its coffers and support Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s ambitious Vision 2030 program.  

Facing dwindling cash reserves, which have plunged to $15 billion—the lowest level since 2020—the PIF is exploring various avenues to secure funding for its trillion-dollar economic transformation initiative. 

According to reports by Bloomberg, the PIF is considering accelerating debt sales, obtaining bank loans, and lining up equity offerings in its portfolio companies to raise capital.  

The PIF, tasked with diversifying Saudi Arabia’s oil-dependent economy, has emerged as a key driver of the Vision 2030 program.

However, the fund’s financial constraints have necessitated proactive measures to address its funding needs. As part of its fundraising efforts, the PIF aims to strike a balance between accessing liquidity from the local banking system and leveraging dollar borrowing to support its subsidiaries. 

Moreover, the PIF plans to enhance its presence in the bond market by issuing bonds regularly. This strategy aims to establish a yield curve for its units, facilitating benchmarking for debt sales.  

Already, the fund has conducted two separate bond issuances this year, raising $7 billion. With spending commitments set to surpass $70 billion annually after 2025, the PIF seeks to fortify its financial position to support ongoing projects, including the Neom development and various tourism initiatives. 

The fund’s fundraising efforts extend beyond debt sales, with plans to pursue equity offerings of its portfolio companies through its capital recycling program.

These offerings, combined with the PIF’s significant holdings in local firms such as Saudi Telecom Co. and Saudi Arabian Mining Co., are expected to inject additional liquidity into the fund.  

Amidst these financial manoeuvres, the PIF remains a pivotal player in driving IPO activity in Saudi Arabia. Recent and upcoming share sales, including those of oil drillers ADES Holding and Arabian Drilling, underscore the fund’s commitment to capital markets development. 

As the PIF navigates its financing challenges, its role in Saudi Arabia’s economic transformation journey remains central.

With a multi-pronged approach to securing funding, the fund aims to sustain momentum in realizing Vision 2030’s objectives and positioning the kingdom as a global economic powerhouse.