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Soldiers Launch Reprisal Attacks on LASTMA Officials in Lagos, Caught on Camera



In what appears to be a retaliatory clash, a group of Nigerian Army personnel launched a reprisal attack on officials from the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) on Monday August 14th.

The incident stems from a brewing feud that emerged after an altercation between a LASTMA official and a soldier a week ago on August 8th.

The initial altercation escalated when a video circulated, capturing a LASTMA official striking a soldier with a stick during a brawl at a bus terminal in Ketu.

The discord appeared to have originated from an earlier verbal exchange between the soldier and the LASTMA official, drawing the attention of onlookers who attempted to intervene as the confrontation snowballed into a fisticuff.

However, what started as a localized dispute took a different turn on August 14th, as soldiers reportedly embarked on a rampage in apparent retaliation, attacking LASTMA officials in multiple areas of Lagos, including Ketu, Maryland, and Ojota.

A video capturing the men of the Nigerian Army physically assaulting an unidentified LASTMA official at Ojota, has since gone viral.

The footage showed the soldiers launching a barrage of blows against the LASTMA official, who pled for mercy as he attempted to fend off the assault.

Watch video below: