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Southwest tops charts with highest healthy diet costs, soaring to N1,145 per meal- NBS



The 2024 report from the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics reveals that the highest cost of a healthy diet is found in the Southwest of Nigeria, reaching N1,145 per meal in the priciest state. 

The National average Cost of a Healthy Diet (CoHD) reached N858 in January 2024. Southwest leads with the highest average CoHD at N1,045 per adult per day, while Northwest records the lowest at N683. 

The report reveals cost of a Healthy diet (CoHD) has outpaced general inflation and food inflation in recent months, emphasising the critical link between economic access and nutritional well-being. 

CoHD serves as a vital metric for physical and economic access to healthy diets, reflecting the minimum cost per adult per day.  

In January 2023, the National average CoHD stood at N858. Osun, Ekiti, and Ondo recorded the highest costs, while Katsina and Niger had the lowest. Southwest topped with N1,090, followed by Southeast with N986. Northwest recorded the lowest at N629.  

Animal Source foods are the most expensive, comprising 38% of the CoHD. Fruits and vegetables, though essential, contribute disproportionately to costs. 

CoHD has risen faster than general inflation and food inflation recently, reflecting challenges in maintaining affordable healthy diets. 

In January 2024, Katsina (Urban) boasted the lowest Cost of a Healthy Diet at N573 per adult per day, contrasting with Ondo (Rural), which held the highest cost at N1,145.  

Despite some similarities in the least-cost items, such as Avocado Pear & Soya Beans, the overall cost per food varied due to underlying price differences between these locations.