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The last time Nigeria’s economy was stable was about a decade ago – Wale Edun 



The Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy Chief Olawale Edun has said the last time Nigeria’s economy looked stable was about a decade ago.

He made this statement during his maiden press conference as Minister of Finance where he outlined President Bola Tinubu’s vision, agenda and strategy for the economy.  

Speaking further, Mr. Edun noted that the prevailing circumstances that necessitated the economic growth of the 2010s were not present today hence the government has to allow private funding for certain problems.

He specifically mentioned FDIs and domestic investment by Nigerians as ways in which the private sector can contribute to President Tinubu’s strategy of economic recovery.  

He said the President’s antecedents of deploying private investment in areas such as infrastructure, power, waste management etc. during his time as Governor of Lagos serves as a pointer towards the plan of the current administration.  

Commenting on how the President hopes to measure performance, Mr Edun said objective measure of performance will be used, he made reference to inclusivity when he said “In the area of inclusivity, we will measure literacy rate, out-of-school children and see how successful the trend in reducing out-of-school children, rule of law, anti-corruption etc likewise other metrics will be used to check how well the administration is doing”  

He further mentioned that the key to achieving President Tinubu’s agenda is increasing revenues so that there is enough funding from the government to carry out its expenditure.