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Tinubu assures Indian billionaire of smooth business environment in Nigeria



President Bola Tinubu has given foreign investors his assurance that Nigeria is on track to become a prime destination for investment. He made this pledge during a meeting with Mr. Prakash Hinduja, the Chairman and CEO of the Hinduja Group of Companies, which took place in New Delhi, India. This meeting occurred shortly after President Tinubu’s arrival in India for the G-20 Summit.

President Tinubu emphasized his commitment to eliminating all obstacles that hinder investment, both domestic and foreign, during his tenure. He stressed that Nigeria will provide a conducive business environment to support these investments.

In response to their discussions, Mr. Hinduja expressed interest in a potential automobile manufacturing partnership with Nigeria. He stated, “Our primary purpose here is business. I want to personally assure our friends and investors that I will spare no effort in removing any impediments. Nigeria is poised to become one of the most investor-friendly destinations globally, offering ample opportunities to generate profits and establish sustainable employment opportunities.”

He continued, “With my support, there will be no barriers preventing you from taking advantage of the exceptional opportunities presented by our vast market and the resourceful and hardworking Nigerian workforce. Nigeria is open for business.”