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Tinubu endorses plan to give 5 million Nigerians eyeglasses.



President Bola Tinubu recently expressed his endorsement of a collaboration between the Federal Ministry of Health’s National Eye Health Programme and the Peek Vision Foundation. Their joint effort aims to offer over 5 million pairs of eyeglasses to Nigerians who are dealing with vision issues all across the nation.

This exciting development was announced in a press release issued by the President’s Special Adviser on Media and Communication, Ajuri Ngelale, following a visit to the State House in Abuja by Prof. Andrew Bastawrous, the founder and CEO of the Peek Vision Foundation.

President Tinubu’s previous eye initiative 

Speaking during the visit, the President recounted his experience with his mother who was troubled with eye problems and how it propelled him to engage in similar initiatives during his time as Governor of Lagos state.  

  • In his words, “So I made a promise to her that I will pursue the mass provision of eye care vigorously and that I would provide free eye screenings and surgeries to people because of that question my mother asked me and because of her passion to see others healed.
  • “We eventually impacted the eye health of millions of people in Lagos, and you could see their joy over the immediate sight enhancements when they were given a pair of glasses,” 

Prof. Andrew Bastawrous speaks 

The founder and CEO of the Peak Vision Foundation spoke of his childhood experience with eye problems and how it affected his performance in school until it was resolved.  

  • He said, “Good vision unlocks human potential. It improves earning, learning, and wellness for individuals, communities, and countries.” 
  • The President further expressed his commitment to the initiative saying “I am in support of this initiative, and I will encourage the mobilisation of further commitment to see this through and to reach vulnerable people all across our country. Some parents may not pay attention to this, but I will, because I am touched,” 

About Peak Vision Foundation 

The CEO of Peak Vision Foundation commented on President Tinubu’s health team which he called “an excellent team which has demonstrated leadership in the sector” 

He further spoke of the work his foundation had done and the support they had received in countries like Kenya and Botswana.

Specifically, he said the foundation had received around 200 million eyeglasses of which a significant portion will come to Nigeria.