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Tinubu to new ministers, you are not regional or states’ ministers, but that of Nigeria



President Bola Ahmed Tinubu addressed his newly inaugurated cabinet members, emphasizing that they serve as ministers of the entire Federal Republic of Nigeria, rather than representing specific states, regions, or ethnic groups.

Tinubu conveyed this message during his speech at the swearing-in event for the 45 ministers-designate, which took place on Monday, August 21, 2023. The ceremony was held at the presidential villa’s banquet hall in the federal capital territory (FCT).

In his address, Tinubu extended his congratulations to the appointed ministers and underscored the collective responsibility of the entire cabinet. He urged them to hold each other accountable and collaborate to fulfill the diverse expectations of all Nigerians.

Must meet expectations

  • Tinubu said, ‘’I congratulate you, I welcome you to the administration of renewed hope. I wish you success in this new assignment. We are in this boat, if it is a vehicle and I am the driver, the entire Nigerians are behind sitting and watching as you and I navigate this vehicle. We must hold each other responsible, we have to do the job to meet the expectations of all Nigerians.
  • ‘’As I said earlier on, you are not a minister of a particular state, colony, region or ethic nationality, you are a minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.’’

Advocates team work

The president in his speech also reminded the newly-sworn Ministers that it is a high honour to be chosen to serve as a minister in the Federal Executive Council and also charged them with teamwork.

He added that the greatest number of Nigerians are expectant of their delivery, accountability and transparency and as well expect them to work with integrity, dignity and deliver.

  • He said, “With the inauguration of Ministers today, we are about to accelerate our governing efforts to move forward in realizing our best aspiration for Nigeria. It’s all about a great team and I believe we have them here. It is a high honour to be chosen to serve as a minister in the federal executive council of our beloved republic.
  • “With such high honour comes tremendous responsibility in this moment of abundant promise and peril in equal measure. All of you who have been sworn in have been called to distinguish yourselves. It is me who knows you and delegates this authority but the greatest number of Nigerians are highly expectant of delivery, accountability and transparency.
  • “Nigerians expect that you will serve with integrity, dignity and deliver. I will hold you to that standard. Your assignment began immediately. As your country honours you today by this call to service, you must each work to make yourselves worthy in the eyes of God and all our nation’s people.’’