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Top 15 HMOs in Nigeria for individuals based on affordability




Recent data from the International Trade Commission reveals that less than 5% of Nigerians currently have health insurance coverage, emphasizing the critical need for increased adoption of health insurance in the country.

Achieving universal health coverage is a key goal for Nigeria, and health insurance plays a pivotal role in ensuring access to quality healthcare services.

Health insurance operates as a scheme that safeguards individual health, providing access to quality healthcare services while covering medical expenses for an agreed period.

To facilitate this, individuals commit to paying monthly or annual premiums.

In Nigeria, the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) is the regulatory body responsible for promoting, regulating, and integrating health insurance schemes across the country.

ThePressNG has undertaken a comprehensive ranking of HMOs in Nigeria, focusing on the affordability of their most basic plans designed for single individuals.

The ranking aims to provide valuable insights into the top 15 HMOs offering cost-effective health insurance coverage per year for individuals. The individual health insurance is intended for the individual’s health insurance coverage for him or herself.

Cost: N3500 per month. N42,500 per year

Reliance HMO offers healthcare services catering to individuals, families, and corporate clients. Their basic plan for individuals, priced at N3500 per month, ensures basic healthcare coverage for enrollees.

Reliance HMO is accredited by the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) with code number 92.

Cost: N40,000 per year

Ronsberger HMO is an approved health maintenance organization in Nigeria with code number 10. Ronsberger caters to government departments, private organizations as well as individuals.

The bronze individual plan is the most affordable plan for an individual in Nigeria costing N40,000 per annum. Individuals can expect coverage for general consultation, laboratory investigations, prescribed drugs, and more.

Cost: N36,080 per annum

SUNU Health Nigeria Limited is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), accredited by the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) in Nigeria with accreditation number NHIA 016.

The company provides healthcare services to various clients which include multinationals, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), federal ministries and parastatal, schools and tertiary institutions, and private individuals.

The retail pearl plan which costs N36,080 per annum allows individuals in Nigeria to enjoy specialist consultation, drug prescription, nationwide emergency cover, and more.

Cost: 35,000 per annum

HCI Healthcare Limited is a Health maintenance organization (HMO) incorporated in 1997 and licensed by the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) to provide affordable managed care services to various strata of the Nigerian population.

Individuals can access healthcare services at N35,000 per annum via its titanium compact plan.

Cost: N30,000 per year

Precious Healthcare Ltd (HMO) was incorporated in 2006 and accredited by the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) in 2007 with code number 036.

The company provides Social Health Insurance Health Benefits through the NHIS while utilizing a network of NHIS-accredited hospitals for all categories of care. It offers private health insurance products to corporate businesses, organizations, associations, unions, families, and individuals.

Individuals in Nigeria can access healthcare service coverage every year for N30,000 through the ‘precious individual’ plan.

Cost: N30,000 per annum