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Trustcrow launches innovative Digital Escrow Service to eliminate transaction risk in real estate



Security and trust have become indispensable in the ever-evolving landscape of business transactions.

Real estate, in particular, is a sector fraught with complexities, fraud and risks, making the need for secure and transparent solutions more critical than ever.

By eliminating the risks in real estate transactions, Trustcrow, a fintech startup, has set out to redefine how we carry out transactions.

Trustcrow introduced its innovative digital escrow platform to industry stakeholders, early adopters, and a select group of individuals at a soft launch event at the Landmark Towers on the 2nd of October 2023.

The product was received with great enthusiasm by leaders from different industries, further signalling a growing demand for solutions to the prevalent problems around business transactions.

On October 19th, Trustcrow announced that the platform is now open to the public, in what was termed a “transformative moment in real estate transactions.”

According to the company’s CEO, Joe Orj, Trustcrow is more than a digital escrow platform.

Trustcrow’s digital escrow service rests on a unique value proposition that aims to revolutionize secure transactions:

As part of their launch promotion, Trustcrow is offering a free one-night getaway at the Landmark Beach Hotel to the top transacting customer for the month of November.

To start transacting with peace of mind and confidence, visit