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UBA Customer Seeks Help After N500,000 Transfer To Fidelity Bank Goes Missing



Kelechi Okoye, who works as an air travel agent in Lagos State, shared her experience about an incident involving United Bank for Africa (UBA). She explained that she had sent N500,000 through a business account she holds with UBA.

This transfer was intended for a Fidelity Bank account associated with Air Peace Airline, and it was carried out on May 2nd.

Screenshot of UBA Transaction

“Since making the transfer, the recipient has not received the money. I’ve written to UBA on several occasions to let them know that the money did not get to the recipient, and that they would have to reverse my money, but till we speak, they have refused to return the money to my business account,” said Okoye.

Screenshot of Access Bank Transfer

“On the same day, that is May 2, I initiated another N500,000 payment from my Access Bank account to the same Fidelity Bank account and it was successful.

“UBA did not initially respond to my mails, but at a point, they issued a response claiming that the money did get to the Fidelity Bank account I had sent the sum to.

Statement showing recipient only received N500,000 transferred from Okoye’s Access Bank account

“When I reached out to Air Peace, the recipient, they checked my payment records with them and were able to establish the fact that the only amount they received from me for that day was the transfer I made from my Access Bank account.

“The transaction reference on the recipient’s statement also tallied with the reference generated from the transaction I made using my Access Bank account.

“They also sent me evidence to back their claim up. There was no proof to show that the money ever got to the Fidelity Bank account from UBA.”

When ThePressNG sent an email to UBA’s customer care department for a response to Okoye’s complaint on Monday morning, one of the bank’s representatives, who simply identified herself as Olawumi, said that the transaction was successful.

“Please be informed that our settlement reports confirm that the transaction was successful to the beneficiary,” wrote Olawumi.

“Kindly be advised to contact the beneficiary to confirm the status of the transaction or please revert with the beneficiary’s statement of account to enable us further assist.”

UBA’s claim was subsequently refuted by Okolie.

“Kindly note that the response is a hogwash. The recipient is Air Peace, and they have confirmed time and again that the money didn’t get to them,” Okolie insisted.

“I have attached evidence and even sent the response from Air Peace to UBA. The money didn’t get to them (Air Peace). UBA is with the money.”