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UNGA: 5 important highlights of President Tinubu’s speech 



Nigeria’s President Bola Tinubu delivered his first speech at the 78th UN General Assembly where he highlighted five (5) main issues ranging from his economic reforms to climate change. 

Tinubu noted that he welcomes partnerships with those who do not mind seeing Nigeria and Africa assume larger roles in the global community. 

In his speech, he added that there are five important points he wants to highlight, which are: 

He added that for Nigeria to fulfil its duty to its people and the rest of Africa, we must create jobs, believe in a better future for our people and also lead by example. 

He also noted that to foster economic growth and investor confidence in Nigeria, he removed the costly and corrupt fuel subsidy while also discarding a noxious exchange rate system in my first days in office, adding: 

He added that Direct investment in critical industries, opening their ports to a wider range and larger quantity of African exports and meaningful debt relief are important aspects of the cooperation Nigeria seeks. 

His Second highlight is that Africa and the UN must affirm democratic governance as the best guarantor of the sovereign will and well-being of the people, adding that Military coups are wrong, as is any tilted civilian political arrangement that perpetuates injustice. 

For his 3rd point, he noted that West Africa is locked in a protracted battle against 10 violent extremists.  

In his fourth point, he added that an aspect of global trust and solidarity is to secure the continent’s mineral-rich areas from pilfering and conflict. 

In his Fifth highlight, President Tinubu noted that climate change severely impacts Nigeria and Africa, adding that Northern Nigeria is hounded by desert encroachment on once arable land.