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UNGA 78 : Tinubu speaks to United Nations, seeks more direct investments in Africa



President Bola Tinubu called for more direct investments in Africa during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on September 19th.

He noted that the world and several private sector players must see Africa’s development as a priority “not just for Africa but in their interests as well”.

The President in a bid to woo economic collaboration with other countries declared that Nigeria is ready for business and that it is a question of how ready the world is open to doing business with Nigeria. He said:

Tinubu further emphasized the need to have more investors’ confidence in Nigeria, saying that it was necessary to remove fuel subsidies and unify the exchange rate.

He noted:

Tinubu also emphasized to the world the importance of the African continent, noting that Africa is a key to the world’s future. He said:

President Tinubu has had bilateral meetings with several business leaders and governmental organizations at the ongoing UN General Assembly.

He met with the AU Chairperson where he emphasized the commitment of Nigeria to collaborate with the African Union noting that the AU is strategically positioned to secure consensus positions for the continent on economic and socio-political relations with the world.

President Tinubu also met with a delegation of global energy giant ExxonMobil, in New York, where he made his position known that “Nigeria has never been more ready for business than it is now”.