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Video Edo gov’s security detail prevents deputy’s aides from entering event



The tension between the governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, and his deputy, Philip Shaibu, regarding the upcoming 2024 governorship election, is becoming more intense. This was evident when the deputy governor walked out of an event in the state on Monday after his team, including security personnel, were denied entry.

In recent weeks, Governor Obaseki and Deputy Governor Shaibu have been having disagreements, primarily revolving around an alleged plot to impeach the deputy governor. On Sunday, a potential crisis arose at the New Festival Hall of the Government House in Benin. During this incident, an agent from the Department of State Services (DSS) prevented Shaibu from having a meeting with the governor.

A new video, which was shared by Arise Television on Monday, depicted a situation where Shaibu was permitted to enter the venue for the 60th anniversary celebration of the Midwest referendum organized by the state government. However, his team was denied access to the event.

When the deputy governor sought permission for his team to come with him into the venue, a security official was seen blocking the way.

“They must go with me,” the deputy governor said. But the security officials in front of him said: “Don’t go in”.

Shaibu then ordered a member of his entourage to start making a video of the incident.

“Be videoing what is happening. It is not fair. Continue recording him,” he said in the one-minute 46-second clip.

But an official who looked like the one in charge, told the deputy governor: “Just hold on and let me get instruction”.

After what appeared like an eternity, the embattled deputy governor signalled to his team to leave the venue of the referendum, saying “let’s go”.

A visibly frustrated Shaibu was seen leading his aides out of the venue. Thereafter, they hopped into their vehicles and sped away.