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White House may grant temporary work permits, legal status to illegal immigrants married to US citizens 



The White House is contemplating granting temporary legal status and work permits to illegal immigrants who are married to American citizens.

This is as a result of a bid by a group of 86 Democrats who wrote a letter seen by ThePressNG, to Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas last year to protect spouses of U.S. citizens and create a family reunification process for those outside the country.

This potential policy change could boost Democratic enthusiasm as the November elections approach.

So far, an estimated 1.1 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. are married to American citizens, according to data by an advocacy organization.

Pressured by Democratic legislators and advocacy groups, President Joe Biden is therefore exploring measures to safeguard undocumented immigrants while also considering executive actions to curb illegal border crossings.

The issue of immigration has become a critical concern for voters, particularly Republicans, as the upcoming Nov. 5 election will see Biden compete against his predecessor, Donald Trump, who has criticized Biden’s more lenient immigration policies for increasing illegal entries.

Recently, the White House has looked into executive actions to deter migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border upon reaching certain thresholds, a move that has faced backlash from some Democrats and advocates.

Furthermore, the Biden administration is investigating the potential application of “parole in place” for spouses of U.S. citizens.

This temporary status could lead to work permits and possibly a route to citizenship, though no definitive actions have been decided yet.

A White House spokesperson stated that the administration “is constantly evaluating possible policy options,” but did not confirm specifics of the ongoing discussions.