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Why the Rush? Delving into Nigeria’s Swift Push to Restore the Old National Anthem: Tradition or Political Maneuver?



Amid quick legislative action, Nigeria’s political scene is rife with disagreement about the rushed decision to restore the ancient National Anthem.

The current rush of activity in both the House of Representatives and the Senate indicates a major turn toward restoring a beloved symbol of national identity.

During Thursday’s plenary session, the House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill that would reinstate the nostalgic anthem. The fast ratification, spearheaded by House Leader Julius Ihonvbere, demonstrates a shared desire to reconnect with Nigeria’s cultural heritage.

The Senate echoed the House’s delight, ushering the bill through its second reading with overwhelming approval. Senate Leader Opeyemi Bamidele champions the proposed legislation, which appeals to Nigerians’ strong desire to embrace symbols of unity, peace, and prosperity.

However, beneath the façade of national pride, there is a simmering debate: is the rush to restore the old hymn motivated merely by a desire to regain cultural heritage, or is it a political strategy?

As the bill moves through the legislative maze, Nigerians find themselves at a crossroads, wrestling with the consequences of this ambitious move.

Will the reintroduction of the ancient National Anthem herald a resurgence of tradition and identity, or is it only a pawn in a complex game of political brinkmanship?