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Wike Pledges to Finish Abuja City Gate Road to Constitution Avenue in 7 Months



Mr. Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has made a commitment to finalize the construction of B6 and B12 roads, which connect Constitution Avenue to City Gate in Abuja, within the upcoming seven months.

Following an inspection of several abandoned projects in Abuja, Wike affirmed this pledge. He also stated that the refurbishment of the Federal Secretariat would reach completion within a span of seven to eight months.

Among the neglected projects visited was the Vice President’s residence, which had been commissioned in 2010. Another project that came under scrutiny was the dwelling intended for the presiding officers of the National Assembly, situated near the National Assembly complex. This project had been awarded back in 2009.

Accompanied by Dr. Mariya Mahmoud, the Minister of State for FCT, and Mr. Adesola Olusade, the Permanent Secretary of FCT Administration, Wike also conducted an onsite visit to the construction location of the Millennium Tower in the Central Area of Abuja.

The Millennium Tower boasts a versatile structure designed to accommodate cultural displays, tourism activities, social interactions, recreational pursuits, hospitality services, and commercial endeavors.

Wike expressed his aversion to offering excuses and conveyed his determination to achieve the best possible outcomes for these projects. He emphasized that he would take all necessary measures to complete as many projects as feasible. In instances where the ministry encounters challenges, he indicated his intent to seek assistance from President Bola Tinubu.

He described the road linking the city gate to constitution avenue as a “very important infrastructure” that would change the landscape of Abuja.

He said that the construction company had promised to deliver the project in the next seven months if funds were made available.

He added that Julius Berger had also promised to deliver the renovation of the Federal Secretariat within seven to eight months.

“I want to assure you that in the next six to seven months the two projects would be completed,” he said.

On the residence of the Vice President and presiding officers of the National Assembly, the minister said that he would report to President Tinubu to agree on a way forward.

He described the Millennium building as a “very interesting facility” that ought to turn Abuja around, and bring tourists and families to have fun.

“We know we are going to face some challenges and we are here to solve problems. If there were no problem, President Tinubu would not have been here.

“He promised Nigerians that he knows their challenges and he will do anything he could to surmount them.

“Before we were sworn in, Mr president had told me and the Minister of State, to do everything we can to bring back some of the structures and facilities that will make Abuja a world class city.

“One of them is the road network and facilities like the Millennium Tower that will bring tourists and families to come around and have fun,” he said.

He acknowledged the challenge of funding, adding that he would sit with the Minister of State for FCT and Permanent Secretary, FCTA, to restructure how some of the projects were being funded.

He also said that another strategy he would employ was to attach funds to a specific project and complete the project instead of allocating N500 million every year to a project of over N150 billion.

“It means that in the next 20 years, you cannot complete the project. So, what is the benefit of wasting public funds? He asked.

“Fund is a challenge, yes, but we are here to solve such a challenge.” the minister said.

Other officials in the minister’s entourage were the Executive Secretary, Federal Capital Development Authority, Mr Shehu Hadi, and other directors and top management officials of the FCTA.