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X says it shared over $45 million to creators in 7 months 



Elon Musk’s social media company, X, said it has shared over $45 million to 150,000 content creators on the platform over the last 7 months. 

The amount was distributed through its ad revenue sharing program launched in July 2023. Although several creators on the platform have been complaining that the payouts are too small compared to other platforms, X said it has been transparent with the terms of the payments. 

A breakdown of the $45 million the company said it had paid over 7 months shows that on average each content creator received $42 per month. This also means that the company shares on average $6.4 million per month.  

Providing the data on the company’s payouts in a post on the social media platform tagged ‘Facts vs. Fiction’, the company said: 

While noting that the program is available to Creators globally, X added that its program is easier to join than other Creator Programs.  It also pointed out that its payouts, which come every 2 weeks might be fastest in the industry.  

Content creators and social media influencers in Nigeria started receiving their first payout from X in August as the company expanded the program globally a month after it was launched in the U.S.  

At that time, many of the content creators who received the payout also took to the microblogging site to show their appreciation to the platform owner, Elon Musk. According to them, Musk has given them a reason to remain on the platform and to continue creating engaging content. 

The payout encouraged many who had decided not to pay for the blue badge but continuously post content that gets good impressions to pay for the subscriptions, which costs N3,560 per month. 

To be eligible for the payout, X said the content creator must have subscribed to X Premium (Twitter Blue) or be a verified organization. In addition, the user must also have at least 500 followers. 

Twitter said creators will also need to open a Stripe account as it currently works with Stripe for payouts and is rolling out to its first batch of creators who have already signed up for creator subscriptions.