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Y Combinator lists 20 new startup ideas it will fund



Y Combinator D

Startup accelerator institution, Y Combinator has released a list of 20 new sectors it seeks to fund for startups that will be joining its program, including ideas in robotics, and stablecoin finance.

Y Combinator updates the list periodically, depending on what kinds of startups it sees gaining traction and where it thinks there’s opportunity. This update, released in a blog post on Wednesday, represents the biggest overhaul to its “requests for startups” since 2018.

In the post, YC Managing Director Dalton Caldwell, said the YC Group Partners meet and discuss the current batch every week and one common area of discussion is ideas — what kind of ideas are these founders having the best luck with? Which ones are they pivoting away from?

While noting that the world is full of founders with expertise that could be tapped into something new and great, Caldwell said the new areas YC is looking at startups from include:

Caldwell noted that the listed ideas are by no means the only ideas it would accept, adding that many of the best ideas are the ones it would never expect.

Y Combinator, YC for short, YC hosts two 3-month programs — one from January through March, and one from July through September. The overall goal of the accelerator program is to help startups take off. Startups join YC at all different stages; some with fully developed products, and some still in the ideation stage.

YC invests $500,000 in every company on standard terms. The investment is made on 2 separate safes.